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New Advances in Dentistry Technology

As promised this time around we’ll be looking at just how far dentistry technology has come in a very short time and all the latest technologies that make your visit that much more pleasant!

X-rays provide us with a myriad of clinical information that is essential for proper dental health care. Previously we had to develop these films by hand and the process was time consuming and in all not pleasant for anyone! Enter the digital age! Nowadays with digital Xrays we have instant gratification that is a lot healthier too! Digital x-rays require a lot less radiation and exposure time to produce and the images can be edited to make diagnosing a lot easier.

With the use of high definition intra oral cameras, communicating and explaining diagnoses and preventative treatments with patients have become inadmissible! No more misunderstanding the dentist – everything is right there on the screen in HD!

One instrument I find amazing is the Diagnodent Pen – this is a hand held laser pen that measures the biting surface as well as in between the teeth for any signs of early decay! This is so valuable when taking normal ( digital remember!) X-rays is not possible. Prevention is what it is all about!

My favourite new addition is called the Wand, a local anaesthetic delivering system that has done away with that old scary dental syringe for good! Receiving local anaesthetic is much gentler and no way near as terrifying as it used to be !

There are numerous advances in the clinical field that has made routine work so much quicker and more effective. This in turn has improved our technical skills and benefits our patient’s oral health which is the most important thing!

Next time you come in for a routine visit please feel free to ask about all you see that is shiny and new – we’ll gladly show and tell!

Dr Strydom

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