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Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Tooth loss can occur for lots of reasons such as decay, failed root canal treatment, periodontal disease and even trauma.

Traditionally bridges and dentures were used to fill up the missing areas. With the technological advancements made in implantology today, dental implants are a much better alternative. Not just cosmetically but also functionally.

Due to natural physiological alveolar bone resorption and the moving of teeth, it is imperative to replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants are made from surgical titanium and are usually placed & restored over a few visits some time apart.

Implants don’t rely on neighboring teeth for support so it saves the other teeth from permanent damage – this is a HUGE advantage.

The implant is placed in such a way that it supports the bone and gums. There is a lot we can do to counter act bone remodelling and resorbtion.

Implants look and feel like natural teeth. No more unstable and painful dentures.

The Downside

Implant placement takes careful planning and consideration. It is not a quick fix and usually a few visits are required.

As with any minor procedure there is the usual accompanying risks and complications to consider. These are easily managed and taken care of.

In cases where there is insufficient bone volume, a grafting procedure will be required. This can delay the process and costs more.

Due to high quality of the implant componentry and the cost of bone graft materials , implants are not so cheap. They are very successful (97% in the anterior mandible) over the long run. Considering how biologically conservative they are, definitely the better and wise choice.

Look after your implant the same way you do your natural teeth and with regular oral hygiene visits.

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