To maintain optimal health dental check-ups should be scheduled every 6 months

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Prevention is better than cure. To avoid costly dental treatments Molteno Road Dental recommends regular dental examinations. Dental check-ups should be done on a routine basis every six months.

During a dental examination we thoroughly check your teeth and gums and decide which dental treatment is appropriate. We look for any signs of decay, disease, damage, or anything else that might become a potential problem for your dental health. Xrays are taken only when necessary. We would also discover any areas where the gums are swollen, the tooth enamel is weak, or there are stains and cavities. We also check any prior repairs, crowns, or fillings, to ensure that they are sound and not coming loose or leaking around the edges.

Before we do any restorative dental work we will explain it to you and then describe various options and dental treatment plans.

If the cavity is minor we may just clean it and keep an eye on it to make sure it does not get worse. If necessary we may need to fill cavities to make sure that the decay does not continue to go deeper into the body and root of the tooth, where it can become a serious threat to your dental health.

Sometimes we find a dental filling that needs to be repaired or replaced – especially when patients have old fashioned metal fillings that tend to corrode, come loose, and even crack the tooth they occupy.

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