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Teeth Whitening Do’s and Don’ts: Secrets to a Brighter Smile

A radiant, white smile is often considered a symbol of good oral health and beauty. With the advancements in cosmetic dentistry, achieving a brighter smile through teeth whitening has become increasingly popular. Molteno Dental Practice in South Africa stands at the forefront of dental care, offering comprehensive teeth whitening solutions tailored to individual needs. In […]

Gum Health Essentials: How to Maintain Healthy Gums at Home

Your gums play a crucial role in supporting your teeth and maintaining overall oral health. At Molteno Dental Practice in South Africa, we understand the importance of gum health and its impact on your smile. In this article, we’ll delve into essential tips on how to maintain healthy gums at home, promoting a foundation for […]

Cavity Prevention and Dental Health: Strategies You Need to Know

Strategies for Cavity Prevention Dental health is a fundamental aspect of our overall well-being. A healthy smile not only boosts our self-confidence but also contributes to our overall health. Unfortunately, one common dental issue that many individuals face is cavities. Cavities, also known as dental caries or tooth decay, can cause discomfort, pain, and affect […]

Oral Hygiene Tips: A Comprehensive Guide for a Healthy Smile with Molteno Dental Practice

South Africa is known for its diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. However, amidst the country’s beauty and uniqueness, it’s essential not to overlook one of the most critical aspects of overall well-being: oral health. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is not only essential for a beautiful smile but also for your overall health. This […]


In view of a number of recent queries following the publication of a movie called ‘RootCause’, I find it necessary to address some of the questions raised.


We as general dentists are in the unique position in that we can orchestrate and manage multidisciplinary cases. Knowing when to refer to the appropriate specialist and through open and clear communication with our patient , we can be assured of the desired end result. The case below is a good example of such teamwork..

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Tooth loss can occur for lots of reasons such as decay, failed root canal treatment, periodontal disease and even trauma. Traditionally bridges and dentures were used to fill up the missing areas. With the technological advancements made in implantology today, dental implants are a much better alternative. Not just cosmetically but also functionally.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants aren’t new – Prof Branemark placed the first dental implant in a volunteer way back in 1965! So much has changed since then in terms of bio mechanical engineering and our knowledge of physiology and healing. Dental implant treatment has become a common general dental procedure. Today it’s our go-to procedure to replace anything from single missing teeth to full mouth rehabilitation’s!

What causes a gum abscess?

We get a gum or gingival abscess when bacteria causes an infection in the space between the teeth and the gum. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition of the gums when plaque accumulates under the gums. There is a lack of attachment of the periodontal tissue and a periodontal pocket forms. When there is a build up of bacteria in this pocket, it leads to a gum abscess.

Your Child’s Oral Hygiene – Tips for Parents

Since becoming a proud dad for the first time very recently , I realized that maintaining good oral health in your precious little ones can be a real struggle! Here are some healthy tips that encourage better dental care in children.