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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Molteno Dental Practice

A Check-up involves the Dentist examining your teeth, gum and overall oral health and hygiene. At this visit we will also take xrays to determine whether there is decay or any other potential problems.

Most Patients prefer to schedule an appointment with our Hygienist for a cleaning on the same day.

The oral hygiene will remove all calculus (calcified plaque) and external staining. It is crucial that the calculus and bacteria is removed every couple of months to prevent inflammation and gingival disease. 

We are a private dental practice and not contracted to any medical aids schemes. Accounts are settled on the day of treatment. We will provide you with all the necessary documents and information to claim back from your medical aid. We accept all major debit and credit cards.

There are several factors that play a role, including the size and extend of the damage to the tooth. Prices of fillings can range from R800 for a small filling and go up to R10 000 for a big ceramic inlay or crown. For a more accurate estimate contact us to schedule an appointment for a check-up. At this visit we can give you a full breakdown of the costs involved and timeline of treatment.

We recommend bringing in your little one from about 4 years, unless you see anything that you are worried about. It is important to get them accustomed to the dental environment from a young age.

Composite resin fillings are done are used to fix smaller chips or cavities and is done in one visit, whereas Ceramic restorations are used to replace larger portions of teeth. Ceramic is a stronger material, therefor used in teeth that are more significantly weakened, these are also done in 2 visits.

Both these fillings are tooth coloured and resemble the natural shade of your teeth. In ur practice we do not use any Amalgam ‘silver’ fillings.