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What is used for Fillings?

We are an Amalgam (Siver Mercury fillings) – FREE practice. When doing fillings, we only use white filling materials (composite and ceramic porcelain) where appropriate.

How long does a Dental Check-up take & whats involved?

A dental examination appointment with two small X-rays takes approximately 20 min. Most patients schedule an oral hygiene session at the same time, thus around 45min to 1h in all.

How much does a Dental Filling cost?

Dental caries (cavities), like the people who have them, come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore the most accurate way to answer this is to assess exactly what you need and the costs involved during an examination appointment. Fillings (dental restorations) can vary from R500 to around R6 500 for a big ceramic inlay.

How does the payment work?

We are a private dental practice and not contracted into any of the medical aid schemes. Medical accounts are settled on the day of treatment and we provide you with a fully detailed invoice to be submitted to your medical aid. We accept all major debit and credit cards.

Are my old dental X-rays sufficient for my dental examination?

If you are referred from another dentist and your X-rays are fairly recent you are welcome to bring them along to your dental examination appointment.

At what age can I bring my children for a dental examination?

Children should have their first dental check-up at around 4 years of age.The sooner you get your child used to the dentist the better. This is a very play-friendly appointment and usually doesn’t take long at all.

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