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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic And Advanced Restorative Dentistry
Cosmetic And Advanced Restorative Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry & White Restorations in Cape Town

Resin Bonding

Recontour, enhance and restore your smile with Composite bonding. The procedure is Non invasive since it requires no need to remove tooth structure, thereby allowing additive dentistry whereby material is bonded onto natural tooth structure, ensuring an aesthetic yet natural result.

Composite bonding can change the size and shapes of teeth, close gaps, lengthen short or chipped teeth and hide areas of discoloration. It is a more conservative and cost effective alternative to ceramic veneers.

Take the first step today and book a consultation. At this consultation we will be able to take all the diagnostic photos and records to start the planning phase.

We use these records to 3D design your ideal smile based on your facial features and function.

This 3D mock up is transferred to your mouth with temporary material to ‘test drive” your new smile, in case any changes are necessary.

Once we are happy with the design, we will do the final resin bonding.