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3 Ways to get Whiter Teeth


According to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, “bad teeth may help Houston police catch a home invader.” Two burglars had broken into a home and held up a family at gunpoint, and police were able to make a sketch of one of the men based, in part, on a description of his distinctive teeth — which had visible, black decay.

Teeth Whitening Products That Work Best

oday, you can hardly do your weekly grocery shopping without seeing an onslaught of teeth whitening products in the supermarket. Companies are going all-out with their marketing campaigns, too, flooding the airwaves with commercials for special toothpastes, gels and easy-to-apply strips designed to lift unsightly stains from your enamel. It’s easy to be taken in by these mesmerizing products and the promises they offer.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Worth it?


“Is the bite to your wallet worth it?” BU Today asks its readers when it comes to evaluating their options for cosmetic dentistry procedures. Considering that teeth are one of the first things we notice about other people, it’s no surprise that procedures meant to improve the appearance of teeth have been fairly popular over the last several decades.

What Restorative Dentistry Can Offer You


Restorative dentistry procedures are more popular than ever. From teeth whitening to dental implants, few are immune to the allure of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dentists around the world are continually flooded with requests from patients looking to improve their smiles. Here, we’ll provide an overview of the two restorative dentistry procedures dentists perform most often.