Old veneers replaced with new Emax ceramic



Precision fit ceramic veneers look and feel fantastic!



Two front central teeth beautifully treated with conservative strong porcelain veneers.



Here we designed this smile makeover digitally and it enabled us to transform this case super conservatively with ceramic veneers


Ceramic Veneers

Here we managed to restore the worn dentition by designing and
planning the case digitally beforehand and thus ensuring a minimal
invasive approach and achieving the exact expected result.


When designing beautiful smile we need to take into consideration many factors that come into play. In this particular case we had to lengthen the anterior four teeth with ceramic veneers as well as harmonize the occlusion  in order to re establish the proper function and form.

The final veneers were delivered in a single appointment with the CEREC cad/cam system.


When treating tooth wear and attrition , we need to plan our case carefully to ensure that we preserve as much of the tooth structure as possible.

It all starts with the Digital Smile Design (fig 1) and the transfer of the mock up (fig 2) onto the teeth.

Fig 2

By implementing a minimally invasive preparatory technique through the mock up we ensure that very little if any enamel is removed.

CEREC veneers are unbelievably accurate and the gingival tissue just loves this – notice the healthy robust gum around the veneer margins!

We completed our case in a single visit using the CEREC cad/cam system.


By doing minimal invasive dentistry we ensure the longevity of the teeth. We want a strong tooth as suppose to a strong restoration!

Here we had to move the upper teeth ( via removable orthodontics over a two and a half month period ) into a much more favorable position so that we can restore the smile without cutting away unnecessary tooth structure.

These super thin VENEERS were done using the CEREC cad/cam system and delivered in a single appointment.


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