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Seeing is believing – What makes for a good dentist?

“Mr Dennis, why are you wearing those funny glasses? You got big eyes!”

“Hmm..so that I can see you better my child…”

I get this question a lot – specially from curious children so I thought I’d answer for all the “older” patients who’s curiosity isn’t always that verbal.

What are Loupes?

In any modern dental practice you’ll find the dentist using Loupes – special magnifying lenses that discloses and brings to the fore every little minuscule detail of the object in focus – your teeth. Add to that bright illumination with a small LED light, and a whole new world opens up. You really see everything magnified 20 fold. Restoration and crown margins, decay , grinding facets… no more guessing that is where the margin is or wondering if all the decay has been removed… The fact is, you cannot treat what you cannot see.

I so clearly remember the first day I started practicing with Loupes (fortunately many years ago) – my clinical expertize and quality of treatment also improved 20 fold! Today I go and play tennis when my Loupes go in for a service.

So next time you see me looking through my “Big eyes” feel assured, very assured!!

Till next time and keep brushing like a dentist.

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