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Dental Tourism Cape Town


Coming to South Africa for your dental treatment is becoming more and more popular for tourists wanting to improve their oral health while on holiday. A lot of European and American tourists know South Africa is the country that pioneered the world’s first successful heart transplant. So South Africa’s medical credentials don’t need proving.

Dental Costs South Africa

Cape Town is a mere 10 hour flight from Europe and is connected to South Africa directly by all major airlines. Upon entry into the country you get issued with a visitor permit for 90 days which can be extended by another 3 months.

Prices for dental treatments in South Africa compares very favourably to cost of dental treatment in America and Europe. Most medical aids overseas cover dental treatments in South Africa.

Cape Town forms the hub of the dental holiday industry in South Africa and you can chooose from more than 4500 registered dentists.

In addition to general dental treatment – implants, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures – specialized dentists in Cape Town also offer European state of the art Cerec crowns, a technology developed in Germany. Diagnodent early carries detection devise makes the use of conventional x-rays not always necessary.

The dental profession in South Africa is highly regulated and regarded. Dental professionals have to be registered with the South African Medical and Dental Council (SAMDC) and the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Dentists in South Africa are also required to keep up their knowledge by continuing training and additional education. Many dentists in South Africa have spent years overseas extending their knowledge and skills even further.

Average Dental Costs in South Africa

 in UK£in US$in € Euro
Dental implants£750$1200€875
Bone grafts£170$270€200
Britesmile teeth whitening£420$675€490
Porcelain veneer£310$500€365

Data courtesy of Dental Tourism Expert

But remember you are on holiday after all. Cape Town offers the perfect environment to relax and enjoy your bright new smile. Cape Town offers endless activities from winetastings, adventure activities, culture and arts to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

South Africa is an up-and-coming state of the art dental destination.  English and even German is almost universally spoken. Its world-class medical and dental facilities will continue to raise the country’s profile in this area.

10 Benefits of Dental Treatments in South Africa

  1. World-leading clinical expertise in the field of dentistry
  2. Prices are generally much lower than in other countries
  3. Dentists in Cape Town offer state of the art treatments, such as Cerec crowns, Ankylos implants, Diagnodent early carries detection
  4. English is spoken throughout South Africa. German translators are available.
  5. Cape Town has a lot to offer and is the perfect destination for your dental holiday.

Should you have any further questions with regard to dental treatments in South Africa please feel free to contact us: Dental tourism inquiries for Cape Town

Should you have any questions with regard to visas and permits for an extended stay in South Africa to have dental procedures done, please contact Initiate Immigration Service.

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